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Essay Sample on Baby Boomers Health Issues The Current Situation

Essay Sample on Baby Boomers Health Issues The Current Situation The baby boomer generation is an age group of men and women who were born between the years 1946 and 1964. â€Å"Baby boom† ideally characterizes a time when there was a significant increase in the delivery of children after the Second World War. In addition, this generation characterizes a cultural perspective within the American society. They were born in an ideal environment that promoted the American dream. Current State of Healthcare in the United States In Relation To Baby Boomers Congress approved extensive laws to repair health care in the United States. Healthcare in the United States works in accordance with certain motives. The legal criteria establish the aim of health care as excellent care, not care as a universal amount or economy (Lingaraju Ashburn, 2013, p. 266). Judges concentrate on quality regardless of cost, and the court’s priority is not an expense. Instead, today’s court focuses on whether the defendant practitioner meets the criteria of health care or not. The health care framework in the United States currently offers costly but excellent care (Lingaraju Ashburn, 2013, p. 266). The legal system describes the level of care as the health care that a typical practitioner would deliver under similar conditions. Ninety-one percent of doctors confess to sensitively working towards unnecessary care. As a result, the legal care criteria constitute of unnecessary health care. The United States is one of the thirty or more nations with successful single-player worldwide healthcare frameworks. Germany is the single nation with a multiple-payer worldwide care (NYC department for the aging annual plan summary, 2013, p. 127). It is worth mentioning that this system is the same as the one suggested in 1993 by Former President of the United States, Bill Clinton. Today, President Barrack Obama oversees the application of a worldwide health care forum within the United States. President Obama’s plan, packed as an economic incentive, set up a program for citizens below 65 years not protected by employer health care plans or not eligible for current government agendas (Figueroa et al, p. 367). This is largely because citizen above 65 years of age come from the baby boomers generation. Current Policies and/or Bills or Initiatives Addressing Healthcare in the US Disapproval of the bill strengthened after its approval. As a result, the bill will most possibly endure substantial amendments before it becomes fully functional (Lingaraju Ashburn, 2013, p. 266). The proposal could initiate the formation of a National Health Insurance Exchange (NHIE). The NHIE is a government-operated association operated to sell healthcare plans to people without health care. The impacts of both the issue and the likely solutions in interventional pain management might be superior to those on other subjects (Lingaraju Ashburn, 2013, p. 266). Expenses surfaced as a core component of the national health reform discussion that followed prior to the approval of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) of 2010.  The following is a list of ACA actions projected at cost containment. Superior government inaccuracies and control over health insurer premiums and practices (NYC department for the aging annual plan summary, 2013, p. 128). Rising competition and cost transparency in the sale of insurance rules through health insurance dealings Payment improvements that aim to lower payments for treatments and clinical admissions coming from mistakes or unfortunate quality of care Money for relative effectiveness studies that compare different intercessions and approaches to hinder, diagnose, treat, and observe health conditions (NYC department for the aging annual plan summary, 2013, p. 128). Relocating clinical delivery frameworks to be patient-based and advance the coordination and quality of care The new health care law approved by Congress does not tackle offense reform. Rather, it lowers doctor compensation and raises penalty-oriented expenses and control regulations. Doctors have to deal with the new and the decisive burden of this legislation. This is because of the doctors’ entanglement between health care and criteria. This entanglement strictly calls for excellence irrespective of cost and penalty-based federal orders challenging economic health care irrespective of authorized care standards (Figueroa et al, 2013, p. 369). Congress amended and fixed the universal health care program bill on a number of events. The president did not approve this bill until March 2010 and will not be fully effective until 2014. How Baby Boomer Healthcare Currently Influences the Nursing Practice The baby boomer generation slowly gets old as chronicity rises together with the complication of care. Currently, the United States is in dire need of additional nurse practitioners, doctor assistants, and primary caregivers (Lingaraju Ashburn, 2013, p. 269). The nursing deficiency in the United States may deepen as baby boomers get older, and the necessity for healthcare rises. Intensifying the issue is the fact that nursing schools across the nation struggle to grow registration levels to meet the increasing demand for nursing expertise (NYC department for the aging annual plan summary, 2013, p. 131). Conclusion Older patients who undergo prolonged pain because of soreness or other conditions see chiropractors, acupuncturists and bodywork therapists. These medical workers pinpoint sources of pain and lower it by improving blood flow, exercising stiffness in the muscles, and improving body positions. The American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) prioritizes the deficiency of enrolled nurses. Learning institutions, lawmakers, affiliated organizations, and the media currently work with the agency to make the nation realize this clinical crisis (NYC department for the aging annual plan summary, 2013, p. 131). AACN currently works on implementing laws, pinpointing approaches, and forming alliances to tackle the nursing shortage issue.

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The Second Amendment and the Right to Bare Arms Research Proposal

The Second Amendment and the Right to Bare Arms - Research Proposal Example Prior to the ruling, it was not lawful to carry an unlicensed firearm, specifically a handgun. The ruling in favor of legalizing handguns was groundbreaking and served to challenge the hopes of many that America would soon embrace national gun control. The core of the debate on gun control and the second amendment has to do with interpretations of the second amendment as well as America’s gun epidemic. Individuals who support the right to bare arms, feel that the right to own a gun is fundamental such as the right to freedom of speech or the right to vote. The problem however, is that gun violence is one of the leading causes of death in America and has only increased over the past few decades. The case of the District of Columbia versus Heller brought light to the fact that this particular area of the country held the strictest of gun regulations, â€Å"The landmark ruling overturned the District of Columbia’s ban on handguns, the strictest gun-control law in the country, and appeared certain to usher in a fresh round of litigation over gun rights throughout the country†(Greenhouse, 2008). Ultimately, the decision of the court stated that it was not the responsibility or within the jurisdiction of the court t o reject or ignore the second amendment. On this basis, the decision to strike down the District of Columbia’s ban on handguns was made. In the case of the District of columbia versus Heller, a special police officer is forbidden to keep a handgun in his home and therefore contends the rigid D.C. gun laws which feasibly contradict the allowances made by the second amendment, â€Å"Respondent Dick Heller is a D. C. special police officer authorized to carry a handgun while on duty at the Federal Judicial Center. He applied for a registration certificate for a handgun that he wished to keep at home, but the District refused.

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I believe that smile can bridge the gap between people Essay

I believe that smile can bridge the gap between people - Essay Example A smile is a healthy facial expression which displays happiness and I believe that it can function towards bringing people closer together and also in bridging the gap between people. The personal event that comes to my mind with this statement is a fight that I had with a very close friend of mine which lasted for days. The issue would have stayed the same and unresolved had I not let go of my harsh feelings and smiled towards my friend. I have assessed the fact that a person can use his lips to worsen relationships by using a harsh tone and being rude but a smile on these lips can do the opposite and work towards connecting people and bringing them closer together. My personal experience has made my belief stronger that a smile can serve to heal scarred relationships and it can help in forming bonds between people. My patch up with one of my closest friends after a fight gave me a strong impression that a smile can do wonders and can help in solving strained relationships. I was ve ry close to one of my neighbors and we stayed in the same neighborhood for years. She was a very close acquaintance of mine and I never hesitated in sharing my thoughts and opinions with her. We shared a strong bond of friendship and helped each other in difficult times. Not only this, we studied in the same school as young children and this brought us closer. We both knew about each other’s weaknesses and strong points and we supported each other at every point where one of us about to fail. She moved from my neighborhood and we joined different schools as well but we still enjoyed the same level of friendship. But things changed when I had a different circle of friends and so did she. We started spending lesser time together and this lack of communication brought many misunderstandings. It reached a point where we had so many problems with each other that we barely talked. Despite of these issues, I still remembered the good times that I had spent with her and I realized th at she had been a very close aide who had been with me in my times of happiness as well as sorrow. I wished that we would be together again but I did not see the possibility. One day while I was outside in the neighborhood for a walk in the evening, I saw my friend over there as well. She was there to visit her aunt. As soon as we shared looks, I could not help but smile at seeing her after such a long time. She had a very stern expression on her face but after she saw me smiling, she shared the smile and I walked towards her. If I had been like her and ignored her at that time, I do not think that we would ever have been able to get over with our problems. This event totally made me believe that a smile can build relationships and help in correcting strained relationships. A smile is one of the very powerful expressions which can do wonders and help in bridging the gap between people. It is a form of expressing happiness. I believe it is a wonderful way of overcoming problems in re lationships and it can help in bringing together separated friends and family members. It works more than words and presents the welcoming nature of an individual. The personal event of my life strengthened my views with regard to smiling and it taught me the importance of this expression and how it actually works as a healer. If a person cannot express his feelings

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Duties and Responsibilities Essay Example for Free

Duties and Responsibilities Essay As everybody know, to be responsible and accomplish with your duties, is one of the most important things around the world in the labor area. Without being responsible and do whatever you are supposed to do, practically, you are out of your job. As and future officer of the United States Army, we must know which ones are our duties and responsibilities in order to accomplish them and make our team look sharp and right. Due to constants changes in the army, we never know which position we or our fellow soldier are going to occupy. Thus, here you will see the duties and responsibilities of leadership positions from company commander to squad leader in order to make the reader understand why is so important to know what, when, where and why is your position so important. The company commander or CO is one of the most important positions in a company. The CO is responsible for everything the company does or fails to do, as an all. The CO is responsible for the training, discipline, administration and welfare of the soldier/ cadets in the company. He or she is the one who will receive the warning order (WARNO), formulates operation order (OPORD), creates plan and time line for every activity to do, supervise all trainings and coordinates with the cadre for detailed instructions. The CO leads by personal example and influence others to accomplish their duties and responsibilities. The executive office or XO is the second in command in a company. He or she primary role is to assist the commander in mission planning and accomplishment. The XO frees the company commander from routine details and passes pertinent data, information and insight to the commander and ensures suspenses are met by the platoon leaders. In addition to that the XO is responsible for the safety and risk assessment of all company events, thus, prepare OPORDs safety paragraph. The XO performs all other duties as assigned by the company commander. The first Sargent or 1SG, just like the company commander is the responsible for everything the company does or fails to do. Usually is the most experienced soldier/ cadet in the company. The 1SG is the commanders primary tactical advisor and expert on individual and NCO skills. The 1SG helps the commander plan, coordinate and supervise all activities that support the company or unit mission. He or she writes and presents paragraph IV (Service and Support) of the company OPORD, makes necessary announcements at PT and at lab, responsible for gathering all accountability and sending it up the chain of command, keeps company training running according to the time line, makes sure all information is disseminated to the PSGs and has accountability at all times and supervises PSGs and SLs. The platoon leader or PL is the responsible for the entire platoon does or fails to do. In the conduct of duties, consults platoon Sargent in all matters related to the platoon. The PL leads platoon in supporting higher headquarters missions, looks ahead to the next move for the platoon, requests and controls supporting assets and issues accurate and timely reports. In addition to that the PL places self where most needed to accomplish the mission and understands the mission and commanders intent two levels up. The platoon sergeant or PSG is usually a senior NCO in the platoon and second in command. The PSG sets the example in everything and is the responsible for the care of personnel, weapons and equipment in platoon. As second in command, the PSG assumes duties as assigned by the PL. In addition to that, ensures platoon is prepared to accomplish mission, prepares to assume the role and responsibilities of PL, acts where best needed to help mission command the engagement, organize platoon formations and control movement of the platoon. The squad leader or SL is the responsible for all the squad does or fails to do, directs team leaders and leads by personal example. The SL has authority over subordinates and overall responsibility for those subordinates actions and is responsible for the care of personnel. In addition to that, the SL ensure the squad is in proper uniform with proper equipment for training,  lead a supervise the squad, personally prepare and inspect the squad for all missions, keep squad accountability and report to the PSG, control movement of the squad, prepare and submit reports and prepare and issue the squad OPORD. In conclusion, it does not matter what position we are going to occupy, we need to make that our fellow soldiers are doing what they have to do. The duties and responsibilities of every single leadership position is based on take into consideration that a leader is supposed to know and understand their people. He or she knows their strengths and weaknesses as well as what motivates and frustrates them. So, in order to be successful and accomplish all our obligations, first, we need assume our position, always seeking for the welfare of our team.

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Lysander and the Whiskey :: Short Stories Alcohol Essays

Lysander and the Whiskey Once upon a time, in a thick enchanting evergreen forest, lived a young man. He was tall but scrawny and his skin was a deep chestnut from spending his life with nature. His hair was assumed brown, but it was soaked in so much filth that it could be a red or even a blonde color. It was summertime and the lad was relaxing on a hammock he built with willow tree branches. His mouth spread open slowly and his chest rose as he breathed in a deep, lazy yawn. He stretched his thin arms high above him, and smiled as he felt his muscles tense. He fisted his hands and rubbed them over his eyes to help unglue his lids stuck shut. His eyes received handfuls of dirt and the boy blinked wildly to cleanse them out. â€Å"Lysander!† the voice boomed, waking the lad from his peaceful trance, and sending him tumbling off his hammock. â€Å"A chariot comes near! Get goin’, ya rascal!† Lysander was dragged up off the ground by his ear. He looked up to see another scraggly boy, with flaming red hair. Lysander hurried to follow the red-haired boy, keeping sight of his freckle splattered back as he rushed to lead the way through the brush. They ran for the main road that passed through their forest. Sure enough, there was a fancy chariot pulling up alongside them. Lysander and his friend jumped in front of it and shouted, â€Å"Yield!† The chariot slowed and an old man peered his shriveled-up face out the side. â€Å"Gentleman, this is private property,† Lysander heaved his chest high as though he were a proud aristocrat, â€Å"The land belongs to my master, Sir Humphrenfrank. I am not to let you through.† â€Å"Oh, crock. I been round these parts an’ I never heard of any Humphrenfrankster. I’d be damned if I was wrong in saying you’re a prankster.† â€Å"Be warned, you oughtn’t show disrespect on land that ain’t yours, sir,† The red-haired boy answered. â€Å"Aw, come off it boys. I gotta get my way through so cut it out with the ploys.† â€Å"In honesty sir, I suppose I can do you a favor. I can let you through if you would pay some small tolls, eight shillings of gold, sir.† â€Å"Eight shillings! I’m not that meek! Boys make an honest five at the blacksmith’s for a week!†

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Response to Toni Morrison’s Home Essay

Toni Morrison’s use of language throughout the novel gives her writing a sense of wit; it is easily understood by the reader, and acts as a subtle hint into the minds and emotions of the characters. Her use of innuendo speaks to a sexual theme, a common tension found among the main characters of the story. The final passage of Chapter 4 depicts a dialogue between Cee, and Sarah, sharing a ripened melon on a hot afternoon. The language used in this passage juxtaposes sexual vocabulary with the ruthlessness of Dr. Beau, as well as foreshadowing Cee’s abuse. Additionally, in the passage Morrison reflects upon Prince’s manipulation of Cee’s naivety. This passage represents Cee’s inability to form a healthy relationship with a male character. Portrayed as a â€Å"female melon,† Cee is â€Å"soft† in the hands of her former husband, and employer. Her vulnerability leads to her reconnection with Frank, relating to the overall idea of relation ships throughout the novel. The strength of the relationship between Cee and Frank drives this reconnection, which fuels the plot. The only form of love Cee feels is found platonically, through the genuine relationship with her brother, Frank. The language used to portray Cee as a ripened melon in the passage alludes to her helplessness. After Frank had deployed, a young Cee attempts to form a relationship with a visitor from Atlanta named Prince. The unique name of this character is not assigned at random; Cee’s naà ¯ve perception of Prince identifies him as an almost fairytale-like figure. She became impressed with his experience of places outside of Lotus, and with his conviction. He eventually â€Å"rescues† Cee from Lotus, and brings her to the city with seemingly little convincing necessary. Cee becomes under the impression that Prince is â€Å"too good for her,† and for these reasons, she is willing to tolerate â€Å"the great thing people warned about or giggled about,† despite her lack of interest (Morrison 48). She is, in fact, â€Å"[a]lways the sweetest,† a phrase Morrison employs which may refer to her willingness, and trust in others; this is a sign of adolescence. Cee†™s lack of experience with male melons led to her obedience towards Prince. It only took Prince’s word to convince Cee that she was pretty, a woman, and old enough to get married. Not long after moving into the city did Cee realize Prince’s true intentions. Cee’s first relationship was nothing more than an overplayed scheme to gain an automobile. She had been used. Sarah and Cee mention that one â€Å"[c] an’t beat the girl for flavor,† and â€Å"[c] an’t beat her for sugar† (66). Prince understands this concept. Morrison uses the word â€Å"beat† to relay the message that nothing can compare to the qualities of a woman; however, in juxtaposing the melon with Cee, the word â€Å"beat† refers to abuse. Prince understands that in order to carry out his true intentions, he cannot be malicious to Cee. He must win her trust with kindness. He cannot â€Å"beat† her for her flavor (body) or her sugar (car). Cee blindly trusted her first relationship and was manipulated, which commences her trend of abusive relationships with men, other than her brother. The last sentence of the passage is the most graphic, and the language used gives the reader a sensation of Cee’s traumatic incidents with Dr. Beau. Morrison foreshadows Cee’s fate as her language in this last sentence provokes thoughts of sexual abuse in the reader’s mind. The â€Å"sliding† of the knife from the drawer and the reference of â€Å"intense anticipation of the pleasure to come,† indicates Dr. Beau’s experimentation on Cee, and his twisted enjoyment of abusing the girl (66). For a moment, Morrison becomes less subtle with her warning to the reader and explicitly mentions how Sarah (and Dr. Beau) â€Å"cut the girl in two.† Cee, much like a ripened melon, is soft and almost defenseless. Her relationship with men in the novel is consistently abusive; Prince and Dr. Beau have both taken advantage of her adolescent innocence. When Dr. Beau would perform his â€Å"examinations,† Cee would wake in pain, and often times s ee blood; however, she would attribute her symptoms to menstrual problems (122). Once again, Cee had trusted a man, and was hurt, physically in this case, for doing so. Her relationship with her brother is made stronger through the malicious relationships she forms with other men. Frank was a constant source of platonic love, one of the only men in the novel whom she is able to trust. The concept of family and relationships is a key theme throughout Home. The plot is driven by the strength of Cee and Frank’s relationship, and the platonic love between them. Cee’s susceptibility to other male characters is captured in her comparison to ripened honeydew; however, Frank masks Cee’s frailty and is able to protect her. After Frank liberates Cee, within weeks her health improved dramatically. After her traumatic events, Frank noticed â€Å"how healthy she looked— glowing skin, back straight, not hunched in discomfort† (126). From a young age, Frank was able to protect Cee, and their connection provides the foundation for the novel. It was only the strength of their relationship that could convince Frank to travel back to Lotus. In reminiscing about when he enlisted, Frank states that â€Å"[o]nly my sister in trouble could force me to even think about going in that direction† (84). Frank is the only male in the novel who truly cares for Cee, and their relationship is the only honest bond Cee has with a male. The scene of Sarah sharing a ripened melon with Cee on a hot Sunday afternoon gives the reader a deeper look into Cee’s characterization. The language Morrison uses, and her association of Cee with the melon, alludes to Cee’s vulnerability throughout the novel. In her attempt to form a healthy, non-abusive relationship, Cee finds herself being manipulated and physically abused. As a young girl, her adolescence was taken advantage of by her former husband who leaves her and takes her vehicle. When Cee becomes employed, she finds herself in the hands of Dr. Beau, who physically abuses an anesthetized Cee. Ycidra can only find love platonically in her brother, which relates to the overall theme of relationships in the novel. The final passage of chapter 4 graphically foreshadows and reflects on these events through Morrison’s use of subtle innuendos and language.

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Design Architect An Architect - 1407 Words

What is an architect? They re so many fields you can find yourself choosing from its wide-ranging to identify what an exact architect is, basically, an architect are people who spend much of their time in space planning, and designing buildings, schools, houses, and other structures for companies or people. You come down to the fact as being an architect you will accompany many people over your career, which leads to my next point. To be an effective design architect, there are certain characteristics are required to do the job well. For starters, you must have healthy communications with your employees and your clients, it s the most important aspect you must obtain a smooth, yet professional relationship throughout the process. Being an architect you ought to have the capability to listen and understand the work area, you also need to be able to communicate your thoughts and exchange your ideas for solving certain obstacles that may surface. As for any career you want to be successful at what you re doing, as a design architect you must communicate with your stakeholders (A person, group or organization that has an interest or concern in an organization.), also your technicians, and with that being said it s necessary that you take time to observe and learn how well you learn in different perspectives, In some cases people learn through written communications while others learn by visual or verbal communicati on, it all depends on the type of person you are but youShow MoreRelatedThe Design Of An Architect1862 Words   |  8 Pagesthrough an architect. Client directly approaches the builder for the simple or low value work such as house decoration or house extension. The builder comes to the premises where the job will carry out, client explains the job and awaits for the offer. Then builder’s estimator measures the work, price it and makes the offer according to builder’s own terms and conditions. If the work is big and high in value such as building a house or an industrial unit, client approaches an architect who will designRead MoreThe Act Of Design, By Architects And Designers2555 Words   |  11 PagesThe act of design is acknowledged by both architects and designers. Within current debates on design, one recurring interest seems to be the lengthy debates regarding better understanding of the ‘Designers Viewpoint’, more significantly, the conventional question,’ What is design’. The single word of design embodies a recurring interest offering a wide range of perspective and not just limited to architectural practitioners. A significant comparison of writers dedicate themselves to the oppressingRead MoreThe goal of an architect is to design accordingly to the time with an understanding of the500 Words   |  2 PagesThe goal of an architect is to design accordingly to the time with an understanding of the relationship between space and activity . In his essay Space and Events, Bernard Tschumi says, â€Å"There is no space without even, no architecture without program.† He then continues with, â€Å"Architecture cannot be dissociated from the events that ‘happen’ in it† (Tschumi, 139). Spaces have always been assimilated with past references, which create a type of familiarization and attachment to the past that preventsRead MoreDesign Proposals That Architects Have Proposed Solve Problems Of Homelessness2077 Words   |  9 Pagesparasite will act as an example for the city. While the homelessness issue is continuing to rise significantly in the UK, parasitic architecture played a key role in driving its decline. Throughout this paper, I will be focusing on design proposals that architects have proposed to solve problems of homelessness. Using examples, I will be arguing how parasitic architecture is successful in this regard. The parasite used to be someone who eats next to someone – was a well-known figure in the ancientRead MoreGeoffrey Wright, an El Paso architect, describes Henry Trost’s grand design of El Paso High School600 Words   |  3 Pages Geoffrey Wright, an El Paso architect, describes Henry Trost’s grand design of El Paso High School incorrectly as a â€Å"renaissance revival† in a 1991 article in the Austin American-Statesman. Although he was mistaken in this observation, he made another observation that was correct, which is that the eastern faà §ade of El Paso High School’s six humongous columns, on top of it’s bases and adorned with acanthus leaves, is most definitely a design of the Classical Revival style. He also went on to stateRead MoreDesign And Cross Pollination Of Fields And Practices919 Words   |  4 Pagesdriving seat rather than the architects who simply provide the design (Jamieson.C, 2010and that larger multidisciplinary practi ces containing architects, surveyors and contractors would be even more prevalent in fifteen years time because they are able to carry the risk on behalf of the client (Jamieson.C, 2010). So surely if architects are no longer trusted or believe in themselves there is no longer a need for them to carry out certain duties or training? If an architect no longer carried the sameRead MoreConstruction Of Urban Regeneration Projects1648 Words   |  7 Pagesimportance of urban design and aspiration which is important as the independent world moves further into the 21st century. As the world undergoes rapid globalisation, people may experience challenges at a point that demand for their awareness especially towards the evironment and social. Therefore, it is important that part of an architect to practise practical solutions that brings advantage of the existing urban assests in a smart and sustainable way. Although an architect alone could not maintainRead MoreA Brief Note On Professional And Individual Ethics879 Words   |  4 PagesArchitect’s Point of View As an architect, in terms of practicalities and technicalities of the project, I do see the potential of the site. Being in the Richmond area, the project is bound to be a success either be lease or sold. Furthermore, the site is flat and has no significant tree to preserve, make it even better for architect, engineers and contractor. Yes. The site will be easy to design and construct, however, in terms of society cognizance, the architect must take serious considerationRead MoreI Want Into Architecture When I Graduate From High School850 Words   |  4 Pagesmore and hard time to design a building to what the employers want. Unlike some jobs architecture is a solid job and has a comfortable income. An architect in one year could make anywhere between $30,000 - $500,000 and more depending on what level of architecture they are on. An architect does not have to work for a large or small architectural firm they can also work for private practice, newspapers or magazines, and even college and universities. In order to become an architect one must have thereRead MoreThe Psychology of Architecture Essay1004 Words   |  5 Pagesconstruction of buildings. An architect designs all kind of buildings, such as schools, churches, houses, restaurants, and more. This profession has been around since the 1st century CE whe n Vitruvius, a Roman architect, called it De architectura. Architects have to have a wide range of knowledge. For example they need to have good communications skill, so they can take the information of what a client wants and transform into a sketch then eventually a building. Architects must always consider the